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There really is no shortcut just because you have a name, or you have some kind of access or some way you can solve all the problems.

— Daymond John

Cofounder of FUBU


FUBU is a hip hop apparel brand created in 1992 by Daymond John and his childhood friends J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, and Carlton Brown. The brand’s acronym stands for For Us By Us because the founders not only want a four-letter word that was catchy, but the mainstream popularity that hip hop brought into the street culture inspired them to create clothing connected to the black community. 


Previous Logos

Logo_Mobile_Fubu_Watches copy.png

The Original Logo

When it comes to the earliest formation of the logo, this version displayed a black wordmark that was in
a bold italic type to match the street 
feeling of the brand. As you can also see, a few parts within each letter do not join together causing interesting negative space to occur.

Current Logo

With this logo revision, each letter part is joined together to have the wordmark be more readable and legible.
In addition 
to this, the bold italic type has slightly 
decreased a bit, but still matches the streetlike feeling
of the brand.

Alternative Logos

This alternative logo features a hand-drawn version of the brand to mimic the street 
graffiti that’s spray painted on the walls. It features two out of the four initials of Fubu. Plus the f is in a lowercase form. Sometimes this type of logo is shown by itself while other times it had the cursive type of the brand name under it as you can see.

Handrawn Logo Studies


These are some of the different logo studies that we tried to sketch by hand to go further into choosing the final logo. 

Digital Logo Studies 


These are some of the different logo studies that we tried to digitally create to get close to the final logo. 

The final choice of the logo features a hexagon that has the shape be in four separate pieces. We added two red pieces on top and bottom while having two black parts on the left and right sides to symbolize the U in FUBU. Even though we are from different cultures, we are still one unit with each other. The name of the typeface in the wordmark is Gobold.



Alternate Logos


These are the three variations that we had in mind—the logo in reverse colors of red and black, the all-black logo, and the symbol and wordmark being side by side of each other.

BOOK 3a23 copy.jpg

Future Prospects

Brand Projection List


Speak your mind, don’t hold
anything back. This is the space
express yourself.

Some episodes feature far-reaching debates about challenges at the intersection of innovation and social impact within the podcast. To help many entrepreneurs make more inclusive products and businesses, which better serve traditionally overlooked groups in the community.

Mission: The FUBU Podcast reinforces our mission to empower the cultural unity of people of color by offering great insight into understanding how the experiences of people of color play out in their everyday lives. 


It leads readers to deepen and better understand the faith or values that guide their lives, providing a forum for all those who share the ideals of peace, justice, freedom, and truth.

The magazine strives to advance the national conversation about diversity and inclusion through thought-provoking articles on current racial issues. It contains interviews with innovators, political activists, and everyday people in the community. It will engage readers to achieve a more inclusive culture on both academic and corporate campuses in America. 

Mission: The FUBU Online Magazine reinforces our mission to empower people of color’s cultural unity by tackling some tricky questions of whiteness and how casual and aversive racism can occur even without explicit intent. The magazine will cause our audience to be aware of what’s going on to inspire them to impact their lives and other folks positively. 


We seek to report bus location
data to ensure easy and safe transportation for everyday high school students.

Our bus tracker helps high schoolers track down their bus faster whether through corporate or local transportation. The problem is that every time a parent calls the bus operator, either the operator isn’t there or is too busy to reach the call.


Mission: The FUBU Bus Pool reinforces our mission to empower people of color by delivering students safely to their destinations on time. That way, there can be safe and efficient transportation that meets all of the daily instructional programs’ requirements and extra-curricular activities. 


Our art exhibit presents many examples of how times are continuously changing and unyielding when it comes

to the people of color in our neighboring communities.

Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values, and translating experiences across space and time. The reason why we’re here is because everyone can learn more about other cultures through the lens of fine and contemporary art in workshops and activities.


Mission: The FUBU Art Exhibit will reinforce the cultural unity of people of color by welcoming all people to explore and experience art, creativity, in our shared community. It includes educating and engaging the public on local, regional, and global social issues through the visual arts.


In our corporate skills course, we want everyone to come and receive helpful tips on how to get ahead and strategize better in business opportunities.

This class course idea can help people of color who are about to set out on a business venture or already have a business of their own. Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills in the workforce. Instead of people talking in slang, the idea can also show how employees and management interact among each other to reach organizational goals and be more aligned with the core company values.


Mission: FUBU Corporate Skills reinforces our mission of empowering diverse voices by creating a curriculum that teaches them the tools to do business in a world that has the odds stacked against them.


When it comes to our services, the vision is all about where you want to go, while the mission is how you’re going to get there. We seek to help out those who seek to be self-sufficient in the world.

It contains volunteers who are made up of young adults, college students, or even career-oriented individuals willing to share their point of view and life objectives with teens who come from economically depressed areas. The objective of this type of program is to give troubled teens positive reinforcement and help them attain positive life goals.


Mission: FUBU Life Coach reinforces our mission of empowering diverse voices by helping the youth break their negative belief patterns to create self confidence in themselves and set positive clear goals towards achieving what they want from life.


We are dedicated to the transformative experiences of wellness through positive

health of others.

The brand provides services that support the mental health and well-being of people of color in vulnerable communities. Mental health enables growth in children, youth, adults, and families to strive for and embrace their best life. It also includes positive exercising to relieve a lot of stress. 

Mission: The FUBU Wellness Center reinforces our mission of empowering people of color by offering health services for the body and mind. It will foster a culture that supports everyone’s desire to improve their overall well-being by providing the
best care possible. 


There’s always great laughter even through the depths of sadness. We encourage people of color to laugh out loud in the essence of comedy.

It’s a small venue that’s more intimate than a sizeable outdoor setting. The festival features comedians from different backgrounds. It can touch on major subjects through comedy without judgment nor conflict among other groups.


Mission: The FUBU Comedyfest will empower the cultural unity of people of color through the promotion of inclusivity and diversity by giving the opportunity for local people to perform and everyone to enjoy the laughter without barriers.


We love creating bonds and make the world a happier, healthier place. Our color run will give you the fun of a lifetime.

It will be an untimed five-kilometer run for charity. At each kilometer, the runners who will be participating in the event will be doused in FUBU’s signature colors. They‘ll wear white at the starting line and finish the race plastered in color. The event can also have the opportunity to collaborate with a local charity partner within the community to help shine a light on their fantastic work.


Mission: The FUBU Color Run reinforces our mission of empowering people of color by providing an enjoyable and positive running atmosphere to promote
a positive atmosphere within
our community. 



By getting in touch with our African ancestry, we have the necessities to tie back to our original roots.

A diverse cultural center striving to enhance the college experience of culturally diverse students. It’s an important part of university life by promoting the positive image that all cultures contribute and focuses on making the college experience a productive and successful endeavor for all students.


Mission: The FUBU University Cultural Center reinforces our mission of empowering people of color by creating an environment that broadens our understanding and appreciation of diversity to build relationships to establish a positive community network.


Our business conference is held for people working in various industries by coming together discussing new trends and opportunities pertaining to the business. A trade conference

can also take place on a larger scale.

The problem is that much inequality stems from long-standing, systemic, and structural inequities in the economy that have kept certain groups from having a fair chance to get ahead in careers. This conference works to correct these debilitating norms by testing the status quo, bringing our collective voice and interests together to develop and support policy for sound business strategy and practices will ensure a sustainable, healthy economy for an increasingly diverse global marketplace.


Mission: The FUBU Business Conference reinforces our mission of empowering people of color by demonstrating the commitment to build a varied atmosphere to welcome people of all backgrounds. We are passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations, providing quality learning experiences, and being genuinely ahead of the curve regarding conference topics.


In our exciting marathon, we’re evoking a universal human experience by resonating many feelings to help people to relate

to one another.

The movie marathon will be for people fourteen and over. It’s a four-day event that features inspiring stories that feature people of color from American History to the current events we face in our everyday struggle for success and acknowledgment. Plus, AMC is one of America’s most prominent movie companies to be in collaboration to promote the event through social media and ads.


Mission: The FUBU Movie Marathon reinforces our mission of empowering people of color by enhancing people of color’s cultural vitality through the power of film. 


We provide training and techniques necessary to defend yourself when targeted by crime or violence. You never know who's going to attack you.

Our self defense classes can help people build confidence in themselves. They can develop self-discipline, improve their physical condition, and street awareness. Self-defense can come in handy when walking alone at night.


Mission: The FUBU Self Defense reinforces our mission to empower the cultural unity of people of color by providing professional self-defense and personal protection training to all people involved. It includes providing the best atmosphere and training experience for all diverse backgrounds without bias or experience level of training.


By being a powerful voice within our community, we can support causes that hit close to home.

We are capable of challenging the prejudice that was experienced by unnecessary oppressors. We are dedicated to defending the freedom, equality, and rights of people of color by organizing protests within our own community.

Mission: The FUBU March reinforces our mission to empower the cultural unity of people of color by the process of rising and resisting. It means to harness the power of diversity by dismantling systems of oppression through nonviolent resistance and building the bonds of inclusivity guided by determination, dignity, and respect. 


We will make sure that no child is forgotten in the world. Children need positive role models to avoid the pitfalls of urban life.

Children who don’t have siblings to look up to are most likely to be rebellious in life. With our program, we can have a sibling figure to be a positive and healthy role model. The child will be able to maintain a long-lasting relationship with his/her role model.


Mission: The FUBU Siblings of New York reinforces our mission to empower the cultural unity of people of color by building up a one-to-one relationship with the caregiver to assist them in achieving their highest potential as they grow to become responsible adults in the future. 


We strive to meet literacy needs for people of all ages and backgrounds. We aim to make our community a hundred percent literate for which will be a pride for our community.

Our literacy program provides for people of all ages who don’t have the necessary literary skills to thrive in life. By having active members and with the help of organizations that includes a regular schedule of programs, events, and opportunities, we are an essential part of the city’s literacy landscape and remain passionately committed to fostering cooperation and collaboration for the cause.


Mission: The FUBU Literacy Alliance reinforces our mission to empower the cultural unity of people of color by aiding illiterate persons to become better readers and writers
in life.


People don’t realize that golf can

be a great experience for them.

Playing a competitive sport like golf with other people helps boost your self-esteem, social skills, and overall mental wellbeing.

This event will feature people of color who want to experience golf for the first time. In this all inclusive sporting event, we will provide equipment, golf tips, golf fitness, golf travel, course rankings, and rules of golf.

Mission: The FUBU Golf Experience reinforces our mission to empower the cultural unity of people of color by having them enjoy the outdoor life more so that they can get in touch with nature and to experience a sport that they had never encountered before. 


Our tour will serve up the Big Apple in perfect slices. Hop on to capture panoramic views of icons like the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge.

Because our home base is in New York, we decided to collaborate with Big Bus Tours to have the less unfortunate people of color view the various cultural areas of New York City. A tour guide will be provided for the three-day tour. Riders will receive the guide’s insight and their personality and humor as they view the different parts of the city.


Mission: The FUBU Cultural tour will reinforce our mission to empower the cultural unity of people of color by inspiring people to go beyond their cultural boundaries and experience what makes a place meaningful in the community through the eyes of its diverse people and culture.

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